Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I did my two most hated things.

I went to the dentist and bought a new car. 

I hurt from head to toe now.

Good night.


angie128 said...

I hate the dentist.

But I love a new car.

Whadya' get??

And hope you had no cavities!

sherri s. said...

You know, I hate the dentist TOO--I've had many unpleasant medical things done to me, but somehow I dread the dentist the most! There must be some deep-seated psychological reason behind it...

And yes, inquiring minds want to know: what's the new JuJu-mobile?

Colleen said...

I am with you JuJu, I do believe those might be the two things that I dislike the most.

The dentist is self explanatory!

Car shopping YUCK!! Let me hold on to your keys while I go talk to the Manager just makes me so mad!!!!!

So what did you get????

Anonymous said...

You definitely didn't have the best day ever! I hate the dentist, but I think I hate car shopping more. I am going to check out what cadillac in grand rapids have and hopefully I find something that I like. Thanks for sharing, I hope you didn't get to much dental work done!