Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Happenings

It's been such a crazy busy week.  I pride myself on my laziness, but this week has kept me busy busy busy.

Before I go any further, may I present my new tattoo:

 Please ignore the screaming red around the tree.  That would be my skin being very angry with me.  There are three leaves that have significance.  I asked Taylor and Jake to pick out a color, so I could honor them in my tattoo.  Taylor picked teal, Jake picked red.  (Taylor's is a bit hard to see in this angle)  At the last minute, I decided to add Steven to the mix. Can you find his leaf?

This tattooing thing has become quite the family event -- both Steven and Taylor also went under the needle.  Under the needle?  I'm so hip.  Anyway, ouch, yes it hurt, but I'm so happy with it!

We also attended a surprise 40th birthday party for a good friend of ours.  I remember his 30th birthday.  I hope we'll be celebrating his 50th with the same flair as we have 30 and 40.  These English dudes take their country seriously:

Happy 40th Matt!

But my favorite part of the weekend?  Seeing this:


Our neighbor's tree has the first fallen leaves.  That means autumn, cooler temperatures, pumpkin flavors, and open windows.  Before long, we'll smell some smoke in the air and start wearing boots.  Mornings and evenings will become just a bit nippy.

The best time of year.


Colleen said...

That is quite an intricate tattoo!

The windows are open here and there is a wonderful breeze blowing. Instead of leaves falling here we get acorns bouncing off the roof. That is how we know it's fall!

Grandma K said...

I'll bet the tattoo did hurt. I have been told that the black is so thick it really hurts!

sherri s. said...

Wow, it's super cool--you're brave! I WISH it were fall-like here. October is usually one of the hottest months in SoCal, and it has been soooo hot and soooo humid (which is unusual, and hated!). I love fall...I miss this time of year in Kentucky.