Sunday, December 2, 2012

Getting in the Spirit

My normal Sundays are very lazy kind of days.  I like to do nothing more than I like to do anything.  But for some reason, today I've been very productive. 

It also normally takes me forever to get my Christmas started, as I'm a bit of a procrastinator.  But for some reason, it's now starting to look a lot like Christmas on Bronwen Court.

It didn't hurt that the temperatures were in the 70s today and it made me feel like doing something.

And, it didn't hurt that I wasn't sitting in the car driving hundreds of miles.

The animals are loving the crunchy leaves.  Sir doesn't love them nearly as much as they do.

We pulled out the Christmas boxes and went to put up our tree.  But, that tree has seen much better days.  So, we trekked off to Big Lots and picked up a few trees.

Yes.  A Few.

You know we don't do anything by the book.

So, we now have three trees.  But hey, they are still hanging upside down, so we are keeping up with one family tradition.

I love looking at my ornaments each year. It's like revisiting some old friends.  My favorite ornament is the St. Louis Arch that Rose gave me years ago.  And the Cardinals World Series Ball. And the turd.   Yes Bill, the turd.

So it's the beginning of December and my tree(s) is up.

My stockings are hung.  (with care, of course)

I've even managed to buy a few presents for a few folks.
It's amazing what you can get done when you actually do something, eh?


mel said...

LOVE the trees! I am going to go to Big Lots on Thursday for one like yours.

sherri s. said...

You are THE most fun folks! We're positively boring in comparison. I haven't done one single thing towards Christmas. Not one. Which is very bad...

mel said...

Update - I bought the pink one and the white one. They also had a neon green but were out of it. Had they had it, I would have gotten that instead of the pink. But, still, I am happy, happy with my totally unserious trees this year!