Sunday, July 28, 2013


 Meet Sofia, the Mountain Dog:

 On our recent vacation, this little lambchop adopted us for a week.
I love her short little caddy wampus legs.

 Rose was the first to feed her.  Let's just say she ate very well that week
The poor girl was covered in fleas and ticks and clumps of matted hair.
She had dread locks.
Other than the incessant scratching, I don't think she cared.

 She might be a little thing, but she's a Mountain Dog.
She also became our watch dog and would bark at any woodsy activity.
She accompanied Rose on her walks.
She sat at our feet as we rocked.
She took naps on the deck.

 I don't know if she stuck around when we went on our adventures, but she always showed up upon our return.
We all found ourselves checking after her on a regular basis, and she was always there.
I'm sure it was the meat products we gave her.

 I'm guessing she has owners that lived nearby, but if she were my dog, I would be so sad if she didn't spend the nights snuggling with me.
I'd also make sure she was de-flead, bathed and unticked.
I'd still feed her loads of meat products.

More than anything, I'd make sure she was inside when it rained.
And, maybe we did just that.

I miss little Sofia, but am certainly happy to give all the loving to this little ball of fur.

(thanks to Sir for the pictures of Sofia)


Colleen said...

I .don't think I could have left her there...she is just that cute.

Grandma K said...

Poor baby. Obviously she isn't cared for properly. I agree with Colleen, I am not sure I could have left her there. She is precious. But then, I am going through doggie withdrawal, waiting impatiently for October when hopefully I can adopt another baby.

sherri s. said...

Oh...I third it--could not have left her. People are such dumba**es. Why would you not take better care of such a sweet thing? Sigh.