Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Morning Laziness

I write this from my bed as I listen to the noises of the Wimbledon men's final---

Happy Sunday after a very strange holiday week!  Strange, because the 4th was on a Thursday and I had to work Friday, which made Friday feel like Monday.  But, then it was Friday, and now it's Sunday.  Huh?  Yeah, I'm confused too.  My 4th was nice, very quiet and relaxing, which is just the way I like it.  We spent the day with friends and I think I ate something on the average of every seven minutes.  I had everything from burgers to ribs to watermelon to chips.  I'm so American.

Taylor comes home tomorrow.  It is earlier than she had planned, I think the young lady prefers the East Coast.  I have enjoyed FaceTiming with her.  I highly recommend this or Skype or any of those new fangled thingies for keeping in touch with friends and family.  I absolutely HATE talking on the phone, but this thing, I can do. Anyway, I digress.  (I am always digressing?)  Her next plan is to figure out where to finish her education.  She won't be going until January, so we have a bit of time to just chill.  I like chilling.

Speaking of chilling, I will be on vacation in under a week.  I really need this vacation. This hasn't been the most relaxing couple of months.  We are renting a cabin just outside Helen, Georgia.  Our St. Louis friends will be joining us, and I plan to chill and giggle for a week.  Here's hoping the mountains are a bit cooler and the air a bit crisper.

Has anyone else been inundated with rain?  I think we've had it every day for about three years now.

My newest addiction?  Eyeglasses.  In the last last six months, I think I've purchased five pair.  Just call me Elton.

Have a marvelous Sunday my dear peeps.  I leave you with this cutie patootie:

 And these adorable babies:

And finally, this:

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sherri s. said...

Oh, how nice for you to have Taylor back (though sorry she didn't enjoy SF). She'll figure it all out--she's young!

I have Monday laziness...I can't seem to be motivated to do ANYTHING!