Monday, July 22, 2013

Corey is Kori

Well, it was back to work today.  I totally anticipated a piled high desk and loads of voice mails. I didn't really even dread it, I was ready to tackle it all.

That's what I get for thinking I was prepared.  I had no idea what this day was going to bring for  me.

As I climbed the steps, I heard my name shouted with great enthusiasm.  I figured everyone was just pleased to see me.  But, then Meggan reached out to me with open arms.  Huh?  No one is ever this happy to see me.

And then more folks came and greeted me.  Then they started hemming and hawing.  And apologizing.  And back tracking.

You see my friends, Corey chose last week to go to the big ocean in the sky.  Apparently, last Tuesday morning, he was no longer swimming, but was floating without effort.  He was discovered by Anjeanette's five year old daughter when she came to visit the office.

My dear co workers went into panic mode.  They even saved Corey (?) in the freezer, should I wish to say my final goodbyes.  (no, I didn't)  The word,"fish-cicle" was bantered around.  They looked up on line how to tell an adult their fish died.  They thought about replacing Corey with a similar fish, but knew that even if I didn't detect a difference (I wouldn't have!) the six year old would have sold them out.

So, the first thing they did was this:

 They bought me a sympathy card.

And then, they bought me a new fish.

 She's blue.

She's a She.

So, I will call her Kori.

I have to share the inside of the sympathy card, as it made me giggle.
Who am I kidding, it made me laugh out loud.

There was more written for my little fish than I've seen on cards for humans.
(seriously, click on this and enlarge it - you'll get a chuckle!)

RIP Corey.  


sherri s. said...

"Alas, Poor Corey! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy..."

Signed, in sympathy,


mel said...

Not a whole lot of work got done while you were gone, eh?