Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation No Nos

I am officially on vacation. I am determined to relax.  So, with that in mind, these are the things I REFUSE to think about for the next seven days:

Walter White being a total jerk face
bank accounts
bills due  (see a trend here?)
all the things out there I don't know about, but could possibly bite me in the behind?
how many calories in a margarita?
just how high will gas prices go?
will i ever be able to retire?
pshaw.  no.
calories, fat content or waist size
did harry know how much sirius loved him?
will the rain make the work roofs collapse?
are those I love happy?
hey, when did Steven sneak off to bed?
is that chocolate bar at golden corral any good?
do my fur babies miss me?

Happy JuJu Vacation Week to all of us!


sherri s. said...

1. Calories are meaningless on vacation.
2. Walter White COULD redeem himself? (But probably not.)
3. Your fur babies will be EXTRA thrilled to see you upon your return.
4. Don't worry about any of that stuff! Leave it to us world-class, professional worriers.
5. You are hilarious--the observation about the furry dude in the museum having large nipples? Made me splort iced coffee out.

Robin said...

happy vacay, missy! enjoy!!! not thinkies bad stuff!

mel said...

I hope you TOTALLY relaxed. Aren't makeup-less, calorie-ignorance, margarita-filled, late-sleeping vacations wonderful?! Yup!