Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vacation By the Numbers

Wineries visited:  4
Bottles of wine purchased:  5
 Wines tasted:  25
Bad filters used in this blog to make me look less icky:  2

Scorpions found in downstairs bathroom:  1
Times I said, "this is delicious!"  :  infinity
Pounds of Provel Cheese I devoured:  1
Times I applied makeup:  ZERO
Distance of the hike:  one blister's worth

 Hours the massive storm knocked out the power:  2
Pounds of bacon eaten:  2
Jets that worked on the hot tub:  zero
Contacted by the office:  2
Books read:  zero

Boiled Peanut stands in Helen, GA:  too many to count
 Bon Fires:  1
Trips to Helen:  5
Cows Slapped:  zero
Scuffle at the trash can:  1

Hump Day Commercial referenced:  too many to count
Use of the word, "Bitches"  :  also too many count
ABC game played:  1
Apples to Apples played:  1
pounds of crash hot potatoes eaten:  3

Days Sofia stayed with us:  7
Hot dogs fed to Sofia:  2
Steak leftovers fed to Sofia:  2
Ticks and fleas on Sofia:  too many to count
Times I seriously considered bringing Sofia home with me:  too many to count


mel said...

And why didn't you bring Sofia home?

Grandma K said...

I am so glad to see you never slapped a cow on vacation! Just can't tell you.

Colleen said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation!!!

Crash potatoes????

sherri s. said...

So much fun! Sofia looks like a heart-stealer.

Mary said...

You hiked?!?

I am so excited about the count. I love that you visited 4 wineries. And that you can't count how many times you said bitches or delicious. That is how I know you really had a great time. :)