Sunday, October 10, 2010

47 Great Birthday Weekend Things

I turned 47 today.

Last night, for a few seconds, I felt old.  I even put my head down and said aloud, "I am getting old."

Today, I texted that to Taylor's dad.  And, he had the absolute best response:  "We stopped aging up years ago.  We celebrate life, not years."

In honor of those words, here's 47 great things I celebrated the past week:

1.   Snack day at work
2.  Riesen Chocolates
3.  Losing 1.2 pounds  (please note the decimal point)
4.  New sassy green Rachael Ray pots and pans
5.  Steven making Angry Pasta for dinner.
6.  Taylor eating dinner with us, and all of us actually sitting at the table.
7.  A sassy bird mask from Guatemala.
8.  Birthday drinks with friends.
9.  Wine Tasting with more friends.
10. Finishing all of Season 6 Grey's Anatomy and getting up to date on Season 7.
11.  All the Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook.
12.  Birthday Cards in the Mail.
13.  Still getting a card from my 94 year old grandmother.
14.  Munchos for breakfast.
15.  Friday afternoon nap.
16.  Saturday afternoon nap.
17.  Sunday afternoon nap.
18.  Clean sheets on the bed.
19.  Two new sets of Silly Bandz.  Do my friends know me, or what??
20.  Text messages from across the country.
21.  The best ever tuna sub for lunch today.
22.  The Tim Gunn book, a Paula Deen memoir, and a Barnes and Noble gift card.  Heaven!
23.  Listening to the Jonny Lang DVD while mopping with my Shark.
24.  Brand new boots.
25.  Flowers from a friend.
26.  Having my nephew say nice things to me on FB.
27.  Getting a "fart" card from my other nephew.
28.  Waking up from a dream that I was pregnant.  (GeeZ!)
29.  One Pumpkin Ale tonight with dinner.
30.  Making mushroom soup in my new sassy green RR pot.
31.  No new lamps this year.  :-)
32.  Steven bought gifts from my list.
33.  New Robbie Williams calendar.
34.  Such thoughtful friends.
35.  Still exchanging birthday cards with my friend, Laura Hoeppner.  We've been doing it since 5th grade.
36.  Steven wrapping gifts the night before and telling me not to peek.
37.  A book from California with naughty words.  :-)
38.  Opening my presents in bed.
39.  Sitting here on Sunday night being so darn thankful for all that I have.
40.  10-10-10
41.  Actually feeling good about going back to "eating right" in the morning.
42.  So glad we didn't overplan this weekend.
43.  Kinda sorta feeling like my parents are with me today.
44.  Catching up on blog reading.
45.  My bloggin' friends.
46.  All my animals.
47.  Stopping to smell the happy birthday roses.


SPT said...

I just love you to bits, Ju.

Robin said...

Oh my word, Miss JuJu, you turned 47 on a most auspicious day: 10-10-10. That is the coolest. I loved your list. Happiest birthday wishes to you! ♥, Robin

PS - I didn't eat at the festa, just the big ole lemonade. I had a late breakfast. :/

word: culus
That chick is culus.

angie128 said...

Oh JuJu! Happy happy day of your birth. I'm sorry I am three days late. I've been kind of away from the blogosphere. Hope your day was happy. This was a most excellent post.

And, in answer to your questions on my post, I read some Harlan Coben (LOVE HIM) and started The Girl Who Played With Fire - have you read that one?

And I only caught bits of the Ala-SC game - but wow what a game it was. Congrats.

sherri s. said...

I love the list of 47 things to be happy about--you're doing something right when you can find all of those good things in one day!!!

word: worisse

My mama alvays worisse ven I don't call her.

mel said...

I love that Taylor's dad shared such a warm and positive thought. You have worked for all the good that you have in your life. Close your eyes right now and inhale all that loving goodness.

Darla said...

Judi, you are such an upper for me! I am so glad your birthday good things were so numerous!

Happy birthday month, still!