Saturday, October 9, 2010

Greeting Cards

 I love cards.  I love buying them, I love getting them.  I love writing in them, addressing the envelope (special bonus if I can find a good sticker for the envelope!) and dropping in the mail.

When my birthday rolls around, I love to set up any cards received, so I can enjoy looking at them for a few days.

Look at all the colors.  They are all happy.  Very rarely do you see drab dull cards.  Well, I guess sympathy cards are an exception to that rule.  Actually, my thoughts on sympathy cards are fodder for a whole 'nother post. I must remember that.

 I love that the cards a person selects really seems to reflect their personality.  And, all these different cards are like having my friends and family sit up in the room with me.  All at the same time.

 And cards always offer up such warm wishes.  They express our feelings in a way that we're unable to, and in a much more poetic way.

For example, I received this lovely card from my friend, Meggan.  And, I do believe it's the most succinct card I've received yet this year.

Heartwarming, loving and thoughtful, don't ya think?  :-)


sherri s. said...

OMG, Happy Birtday, Miss JuJu! I must go off now to select or create the perfect birthday greeting for you {after pouring another huge cup of coffee!}. Happy Sunday...

word: largog

I'm all largog that it's JuJu's birthday up in here! (That "up in here" bit is a reference to a funny SNL bit from some years back, BTW.)

mel said...

You are a beautiful person, Ju.

word: conesse

I must conesse, I love ya, girlfriend!