Monday, October 18, 2010

Window Shopping

For years, Steven, Taylor and I have played a game when we go downtown.  We window shop and pick the outfit that suits us best.  Well, we would normally never shop at any of these stores, and probably never buy any of these clothes.  But, it's always been a fun game for us. (especially when Steven has to pick a dress!)

In the spirit of shopping, I thought you might like to play with me this time?  (My choices follow the original photo!)  I apologize for the glare in many of these pix, but some show some interesting things!!

Which glamorous dress would you choose to wear to that fancy cocktail party, darling?

And, if I were a fine hunk of a man, going before the court to try the biggest case of the year, which would be my power suit?
I have a fancy date, and want to make sure I dress to impress.  I wear which pair of shoes?
Always a bridesmaid, or always a bride?

You know, when I entertain in my fancy backyard, I like to amuse with my aprons.  My choice of these three is....

And finally, which one of these pairs of shoes, which I will never be able to afford, do I wear when accepting some type of super fantabulous award?

(those shoes are so HOTT!)

What are some of your choices?  I'm curious!!


SPT said...

I am frothing at the mouth over the white lula kate dress. I WANT!

mel said...

Mostly, I am SO impressed that you and Steven play this game together. Man, oh man, oh man, I want that again in my life.

But enough about me.

Really, Ju? I thought you would pick that dress with the pink tear drops. Now, close up it might be too much but I like the way it looks in the window - - groovy.

JuJu said...

Oh Mel, you know me so well. It was a close 1-2 on these. The reason I opted for the one I did? the skirt is all sequiny!!