Friday, October 29, 2010

Jenifer Elizabeth Farrington

Well, she's Jenifer Elizabeth Farrington Mooney now.  But, back when we were young teens in Terre Haute, Indiana, she was Jenifer Elizabeth Farrington.  27 Letters, one more than the alphabet.  Any time I think of her or her name, that tag goes along with it.  I've thought about this smile for many a year now.

I moved to Terre Haute my sophomore year, and it was a very traumatic move for me.  But, Jenifer, along with some other great people (including her mother) helped me transition.  Jenifer became my best friend.  We lived right down the street from each other, and we did all the normal things 16 year old girls do.  As a matter of fact, I had my first drink with Jen.  (Tickle Pink in Mark Kruzan's van.  I believe Fleetwood Mac was even singing, "The Chain" at the time).  You all know I moved my senior year, and then it was college, life and the real world set in for both of us.

Well, last night, Jenifer came to town.  I haven't seen her in 18 years, right after our daughters were born within days of each other.  And, prior to that, it was probably another 10 years.  In all honesty, we really haven't "hung out" in close to 30 years.   She and her good friends came to Charleston, from Indianapolis,  for a long weekend of girl time.  Jen invited me to join them.

I was so nervous.  It felt like a blind date to me.  But, as soon as I saw her, that all went away, and all I could do was smile.  Of course, my smile is nothing like her mega watt thing.  She had that smile on her face when she came out of her mama!  I just wanted to look at her all night.  All the years slipped away, and it certainly didn't feel like so many years had passed.  Once again, she made me smile and laugh.

I promise it won't be another 20 years between visits Jenifer.  In fact, I think it will be just a mere two weeks?

My hope for everyone this weekend, is that they reach out to someone who they miss, or haven't seen for awhile.  It is SO worth it. 


mel said...

Absolutely beautiful.

sherri s. said...

How wonderful. Friendships never ever die, do they? That's why friends are more precious than gold!

word: plibe

Don't try to plibe me with beer just to get me to do karaoke--I won't do it, I tell you!

Darla said...

I LOVE both pictures of the two of you!! The first one just instantly flashed me back to high school; and that was just a great time in my life!

I am so glad you got to see Jenifer, and she you. :) Long time friendships are to be treasured.