Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Moan

You know what I really don't like?

I really don't like when it's your birthday, you go out for a nice dinner, and then someone gets the waiters to sing to you.  The wait staff hates doing it, you have to paste that fake smile on your face, and then there's always some crap dessert that accompanies it.

Yeah, I know.  Bah Humbug.


angie128 said...

Did you have to wear some big ol' hat? THAT would have made it worse....

Anonymous said...

I like the hat.
It didn't make the 47.

Darla said...


sherri s. said...

Hate it! We used to go to a Mexican place in LA where they made you wear a sombrero as big as a patio umbrella. I second the humbug!

word: sesteric

My mom always became sesteric at the sight of blood (or any bodily fluid).

Robin said...

oh you're funny. you could always pull and whoopie/joy and just leave! hee hee. maybe that can be a new term: don't make me go whoopie-joy on ya!

gremor: Get that gremor off your face before I really give you something to cry about! (you'd think I had kids!)

JuJu said...

It was totally the big sombrero.