Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Ole Place

We went to Columbia last night to hang out with our dear BFF's.  We were celebrating my birthday of last weekend and Mary's birthday just this past Wednesday.  The evening started with yummy crab legs and loads of garlic butter.  (Thanks for cooking Larry!)
  After hanging out a bit, we went to a bar called, "The Ole Place."  Mary and Larry will go there on occasion, as they know and love the owners.  There's quite a bit of history with them and this bar, and they even had a birthday gift waiting for her.

(this is very appropriate seating for going to the Ole Place)

I tell you all this, because it's not really the kind of bar we'd normally frequent.  You see, down here in the South, many bars get away with skirting around the rules by calling themselves a "Private Club."  You have to "know" someone to enter, and you have to sign in with your name and the member's name.

 (How cool to have your OWN spot?!)

 (WOW! Look at some of the famous guests!!)

It's still legal to smoke in there, since it's private.

 (Taylor and I are "enjoying" the Karaoke performances.  Can you guess what our opinion might be of the current song?)

And, for some reason, underage folks are allowed to enter.  Family Atmosphere?  :-)

They had karaoke going on, and it was just perfect.  There were crock pots with food, a big birthday cake for the bartender, and lots of 1970's wood paneling.  I'm guessing the same people go there and have been going there for years.

 (I was afraid to sit on this swing, I thought for sure it was going to collapse.  Oh, and what's with my jeans looking like there is some weird acid wash thing going on??)

(Poor Sam Moss)

The Ole Place was truly an experience.  The only thing missing was a pair of bell bottom pants and platform shoes.

Oh, and the picture at the beginning of this blog?  It was tacked to the wall just as we entered.  That's my boss.  That ad ran in the yellow pages years ago.  Heh Heh Heh.


mel said...

Wow - how weird that there was an ad for your boss! Just can't get away from work, can you??

Ju, you look GREAT! And Taylor - wow - she is really looking more 'grown up' and very beautiful.

A fun time was had by all!

sherri s. said...

Hilarious! I've never been to such a "private clug" before! Such a cute photo of you and your daughter...

I'll be silent from comments, probably, for the next couple of weeks--traveling to a country far far away! I may be able to stop by and comment, but if not you'll know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth (or the Great Wall).

word: porty

My my, y'all look porty this evenin' in yore fancy duds!