Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I just got back from vacation in Palm Island, Florida.  We spent a week there.  It was HOT.  And, I do mean HOT.  It was so hot, that the swimming pool water felt like bath water.

The boy to girl ratio was 2:5. But, there was this one really cute boy there, he had an English accent.  I thought he was so c-o-o-l when he went kayaking.  He went with my friend, but I do think he likes me. 

Diary, I ate like an absolute pig.  I had more bacon than a human should be allowed.  I ate steak bites, potatoes, stuffed chicken, fried egg sandwiches, Angry Pasta!, KeBobs, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Breakfast Casserole, chips, dip, cookies, just to name a few.  I hope I'll still fit in my back to school clothes.

The bugs were seriously the worst bugs ever Diary.  They ate us up like I ate all that food.  They would land on our faces and didn't care if we went under water.  They have serious bugs in Florida.  They might want to think about screening in that whole part of the state.

Diary, I went golf cart joy riding with the gals.  We giggled and looked for boys.  That Taylor sure can dodge the authorities when the time is needed.  We looked for parties and ended up racing some other cool kids. I think the younger girls were kind of embarrassed of me and Tracy. Probably because we're so cool.

Diary, I just fell in LUV with all the cute animals.  We had Manatees swim around the dock.  There was an eagle who ate his dinner at the dock, and he would leave the fish guts behind.  GROSS.  There were pink flamingos.  I was surprised, because I didn't know they could fly.  DUH.  Tracy tried to catch crabs, but only caught starfish, conch and a few minnows.  Oh well, at least she tried! 

Diary, don't tell my family, because I'd be all embarrassed and junk, but the best part was just being together.  It was fun to splash in the pool, have family dinners and complain about the bugs. I wish I could have all my friends come along, we'd have sooooo  much fun!  I hated the heat, but that's because it makes me sweat and look ugly.  I bet I get some zits too.

  (Next year Diary, I'm going someplace COLD!)  


angie128 said...

But glad you had fun.

miscellane-ash said...

loves...super cute & sounds super fun. i need to investigate this angry pasta! :)

sherri s. said...

Yay for eating what you like on vacation! I once traveled with someone who was such an a-hole about not eating too many calories, even though we were on vacay! Life's too freakin' short not to enjoy!

Why do mosquitoes even exist. WHY?????? Same with fleas and termites--which niche do that have in the ecosystem except to annoy us all?

word: skies (no, really, a real word!) The skies over Florida are blue and bright; the mosquitoes fill up the space at night.

mel said...

However did I miss so many posts?? I have catching up to do!

Heat and bugs - shudder!