Monday, July 18, 2011

Fine Dining?

I consider myself to be a lover of food.  At times, you might say I'm a bit of a connoisseur  when it comes to feeding my belly.  I love a good steak, rare tuna, cheeses, wines and anything else you can even think of.  My dad and mom spoiled me on yummy food and nice restaurants when I was younger.

Yet, nothing is as consistent and lovely as the Totino's Party Pizza.  Yes, I love this glob of fake meat.  Triple Fake Meat.

I think you can pick these things up 3 for $5.

It claims to have pepperoni seasoning, sausage and "Canadian Style Bacon" on there.  It also says there is cheese and a tomato sauce.  Hm.  I'm not so sure.

What I am sure of is that it always tastes great.  It cooks in fourteen minutes.  It has tasted the same since I was a teenager.  It's cheaper than Red Baron, DiGiorno, Dominos, Papa Johns, or Pizza Hut.   They don't take up much room in my freezer.  Me and Totino's are old friends.

Don't get me wrong now.  I do love a fine gourmet pizza.  I'll eat the fancy ingredients on the special crust and enjoy it tremendously.  I'll sprinkle Parmesan cheese and hot pepper flakes on that fancy pizza to add even more flavor. 

 But, to be honest, I prefer my little cardboard pizza just the way it is, in its own simplicity.  I must love it.  I just realized I have five of them in my freezer.  Oops, make that four.  One is now in my tummy. 


angie128 said...

We love those things. And they are way cheap. Like sometimes 99 cents. Yum.

sherri s. said...

I first read the box as "Pizza Party" and thought, Hey, am I invited?! I love Trader Joe's pizzas the best (I mean, other than the pizza restaurants in the 'hood).

word: plicsta

I got a plicsta on my blista--my new shoes just did not fit!

mel said...

Ohhh jujubees....I am all in when it comes to any kind of sweets, but fake meat me squeamish, doll, but I love ya for it!