Sunday, July 24, 2011


Before Mike and Tracy moved to Oklahoma,  it was very common for us to hang out with them and Mary and Larry.  This was back when there was no such thing as a Griffin, or an Anslee.

Aiden was four, and Taylor wasn't driving yet.
Steven and I were still single.  (tee hee)

Back in that day, we used to get together on weekends, and often times, we would go boating.  Mike and Tracy are kind enough to invite us along, and we'd always have the most pleasant of days. 

Well, the whole gang was back together again yesterday.  It's been four long years, but we found ourselves out on the Ashley River on a very HOT July afternoon.  (granted, we didn't have the two new additions with us, but that was probably wise, considering the heat index!)

We're all a little bit older now.  Two of us (thank God I'm not one of them) had babies.  Two of us got married.  The kids are older and taller.  We've all had many good and many bad things happen since we've been apart.

And yet, we fell right back into it.  As soon as we were together, the giggling began, and it was just like old times.  I guess that now begins the "new" old times. 

I love when we can all be together.  I love that my child has relationships with these friends of mine, and that I have relationships with their kids. 

Reunited, and it feels sooooooooo good.


mel said...

That is sooooo lovely.

Grandma K said...

That's great.