Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th Of July!

Here we go again!  And this year's theme seems to be ugly kids.  I don't know what our country's birth and ugly kids have in common, but there was apparently a time in history when ugly kids were all the rage.

Example One:

 This kid is so ugly, they handed him/her (?) a lit firecracker.  Good idea.

Example Two:

 Another is it a boy/girl child.  And another freakishly dangerous situation.  Pantaloons just aren't a flattering look.  The shoes are almost kinda cool, but not quite.

Example Three:

Whoa.  This one's so bad they stuck his head inside the lit fireworks?  Wow.  Rough crowd.
 Example Four:

What is it with the turtlenecks?  It's July people.  
Example Five:

 This is like the grand finale at the local fireworks show.  You've got all the uglies together, wearing their turtlenecks, holding some big old firecrackers and BAM!  

 Now, this is much more like it.  I am going to this party today.  That cat in the red looks like he's having a blast. And not a turtleneck in sight!

Happy 4th to one and all! 


mel said...

Love it, Jujubees!

Have a happy party; I hope they have one of those swings - I love those!

word: incece

Hippies love the smell of incece.

sherri s. said...

Wow, yes, those children are not terribly attractive, are they? The cats definitely have the right idea!

word: suroucif (?!)

The French, they have a way about them--they are very suroucif, suave, and debonair.

Robin said...

Ya can't go wrong with cats!

headmedl: after the accident she had to get some headmedl.