Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 List of Most Appreciated Things

Yep, this blog is just what it says.  I'm THANKFUL for:

  • the kids, the husband, the brothers, the grandmother, the SIL's, the nephews, the inlaws and the extended fam
  • friends, near and far
  • cream cheese
  • Manchester United, Missouri Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals
  • DMB, Jonny Lang, Adele, and all music that moves me
  • the Broadway channel
  • my Kindle
  • Rockett and the cats
  • even though it frustrates the everliving daylights out of me:  my job
  • puppies
  • the margarona
  • Rose Jackson and fam
  • this blog and all my blogging friends
  • the yayas
  • Grandma's blanky
  • Avondale Wine and Cheese
  • JR Martinez
  • all veterans, past and present
  • comfy PJ pants
  • no bra/no makeup days
  • sleeping in
  • napping
  • going to bed early
  • long epic novels
  • Chex Party Mix
  • cul de sac cat  (aka Esmerelda)
  • newborn babies that aren't mine
  • women
  • good ex husbands
  • clean sheets
  • flushing toilets
  • food in the fridge
  • food in the belly
  • and love in the heart.

YOU?  Throw five of yours at me?


mel said...

My children, my friends, my extended family, my job, my life.

Love you, JuJu.

SPT said...

My little family of 5, friends who truly know me and love me anyway, the incredible abundance of life, coffee, the chance to be better every day.

sherri s. said...

* all of those folks who invented all of the stuff we can't live without today--computers, TVs, phones, cameras, M&Ms.
* the cavemen who started the domestication of dogs.
* fermentation--without it, no beer or other good stuff.
* modern medicine--not sure I'd be here today without it.
* nature: flowers, bees, sunsets, oceans, elephants, autumn leaves, and more.
* Number 6: blog awesome is it to be friends with someone you've never actually met?!

word: too much holiday ale...word is Ahhhhhhh....