Friday, November 18, 2011

Blast from the Past

Well, it's Friday night, and I've just watched back to back episodes of the $25,000 Pyramid. 

I'm in Retro TV Heaven.

This is Dick Clark at his finest.  The man leaned on his podium and led the contestants through the subjects, the Lucky 7, and the tiebreaker.  (Choose a letter?)  He gave great suggestions when they didn't make it to the top of the pyramid.  He gave great advice on how to play the game better. He suffered when the contestants didn't win.  He rejoiced when they did!!

Oh, the guest stars.  Just tonight, I've seen Florence Henderson, Bill Cullen, Earl Holliman and Elaine Joyce.  (funny, I bet they were all on Love Boat at one time...)   Some of them were really good.  Some were really bad.  But no matter, they all seemed truly pleased when a contestant beat that dreaded pyramid!  By the way, the 70s were NOT a good fashion era for game shows.  Just saying.

This is truly my favorite all time game show.  I enjoyed a lot of them along the way--- (Jeopardy, Price is Right, and Match Game)  and there were many that annoyed the living daylights out of me---( Press Your Luck [no more WHAMMIES], Family Feud with anyone other than Richard Dawson or Steve Harvey, and Hollywood Squares.  I STILL shudder when I think of Paul Lynde. YIKES!!) But for sheer strategy, smarts and reaction time?  It was and is the Pyramid.

They gave away great prizes.  Tonight, alone, they gave away a VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER, a trip to Tahiti, and $1100 in the Lucky Seven segment.  They graphics were nice and simple.  The sweaters were hideous and the hair was BIG.  Ahhhh.  Those were the days. 

Thanks for the memories Dick Clark.



mel said...

How exciting it was back then to win $100 - woo hoo!!

There was nothing that gave me a greater sense of security than the days I came home from school and my mom was in the kitchen ironing, watching soaps and game shows. All was right with the world.

angie128 said...

Oh, I loved Pyramid!! And Price is Right. And also Let's Make a Deal. And the Lawrence Welk show. Connie & I would wash our hair and sit in pink sponge rollers on Saturday nights during Lawrence Welk.

Good times.

sherri s. said...

Love old game shows...ahh, the 1970s...

word: ativebbl

That is beyond libel: it's ativebbl. (what?)