Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things I've Been Wrong About In Life

And just like that, it's November.
Before we know it, we'll be Ho Ho Ho-ing and ringing in the new year.  In an attempt to totally ignore the speed of time passing , I thought I'd treat you with a few things I've been wrong about in my lifetime.

Store bought costumes are better than homemade.  As a kid, I always thought the costumes at the store were so much cooler.  There was something about the mask and the outfit looking so official.  But, then I'd get it home, and the  mask made me sweat, the rubber band always broke, and that flimsy thing never looked as good as the hobo or gypsy costume.  Nowadays, most of the fun I have is preparing and shopping for the costume.  (it's all about the journey?)

Football is the best sport.  I grew up with this mantra.  Every weekend meant football.  Life revolved around football.  While I still enjoy watching it, it is no longer the central focus of my life.  I also realize that I enjoy soccer and baseball much more.  The traditions intrigue me, the games excite me, and they don't leave me feeling stressed.

If I say no, people won't like me.  Boy, this was a hard one.  I'm a Libra, and try, desperately, to make people happy, to keep them harmonious.  If asked to do something, I would always say yes, to the detriment of my family and my  happiness.  Once I learned to say no, I was much happier and had more time for the really important things in life.  And the best side effect was seeing that your real friends like you, yes or no.

Red wine sucks.  Uh yeah, really glad I found out how wrong I was about this one.

Going out is more fun than staying home.  I used to live to go out as often as possible.  I never wanted to miss a social event or opportunity.  I've since come to realize that my funnest times are at my home with my husband, children and a few friends. 

I have to start my day with a Diet Coke.  I've broken this habit of over twenty years, and I'm thrilled about it.  Okay, I'm still loading up on caffeine with my unsweet tea, but I no longer depend on that soda to get me going.  I will still enjoy a fountain soda from time to time, but reserve it for a treat nowadays.

I must be super skinny to be attractive.    Granted, I'm way too heavy at this point in my life, but I worry now for health reasons, rather than for how alluring it makes me.  I understand that my insides are the skinny/attractive part.  That's the part I need to work out on a daily basis, being pretty on the inside.

Rides are Fun!  Pshaw.  I was WAY wrong on this one.  Rides suck.

What are some of yours?? Please share??!!


Robin said...

Love this post. and thanks for stopping by V&S. things i've been wrong about:
1. I'm always right
2. I have to have so much cheese
3. More makeup makes me look better
4. I'll die if I don't live in a castle and marry a prince
5. I'm not good enough - cuz I totally am
6. Doing enough doesn't mean doing everything

Just a few! I'm sure there's more...


sherri s. said...

Hmm...I never had a store-bought costume, ever! Maybe a mask?

Here's the current Number One on my list...I'll spare you the other 99 things:

1. I won't gain weight--I'm built like my dad, and he and his mom were always super skinny. Ha!

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