Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Steven and I decided a few days ago that we were going to go to the beach today.  The temperatures were forecast to drop, but we planned to take provisions so we would be comfortable.  We are both listening to books so the plan was to sit and listen and chill.

We both dressed in layers.  I even wore socks.  (I hate socks)  I packed a hat, scarf, and blanket.  I wore my big old white hoodie.  I even dried my hair before we left the house.  We packed ourselves into the car and took off, having to make THREE stops prior to the beach.
1.  Subway for lunches
2.  WalMart for Steven's chair (it made me physically sick to step inside a WalMart, just so you know, but since we threw away our chairs at the end of last season, and didn't remember that until today, we had no choice)
3.  Beach Shop to get a REAL beach chair.  (I like to sit low to the ground)  They had ONE chair  It looked beachy enough, but also awfully teeny tiny.

After all this, we make it to the beach.  The weather was glorious.  After the short walk to the water, I realized how very warm it actually was.  Off came the hoodie.  Off came the shoes.  Off came the socks.  I squeezed my extra beautiful derriere into my beach chair (designed for sexy nubile young ladies), turned on my book and escaped to 1917 England for a couple hours.

I watched dogs on the beach, kids throwing rocks, lots of bike riders, those crazy people who run, and even a plane doing loop D loops.  Steven listened to his book right next to me, and it was honestly the perfect afternoon.  I hope yours was just as wonderful!


KB said...

Oh, how I love the beach! Thanks for posting pics so I could live vicariously through you. And I haven't been in a Wal-Mart since before Mo was born (going on 7 years). If Target doesn't have it, I don't need it . . . except wasabi popcorn, but I have friends who will buy it for me when they go. :)

Grandma K said...


Colleen said...

Looks like Folly Beach!
I am soooo jealous, I was at work today loading furniture into cars that in some cases were way to small for what the person actually knew they were coming to buy.

angie128 said...

Well, how awesome is that. I'm beyond jealous.

sherri s. said...

Looks fabulous...sometimes one just needs to just GO. And enjoy. Sounds like you did!

word: eneshi

I love Japanese food, and eneshi is my favorite.

Darla said...

Sounds like my kind of escapist day! I am so glad you both had it...together. :)

mel said...

What a wonderful day! And I agree with you, a beach chair must be low to the ground....but why is that?! Maybe you can post about that one day??

Anonymous said...

You wore socks to the beach? Lol; I hope you left them there.