Monday, November 21, 2011

Kicking it Old School

You know how I like and prefer a lazy Sunday, right?  Well, yesterday, I got my duff out of the bed and went out into the real world for a change.

I had read about an art awareness/fundraiser in town; one that featured outdoor art. They were painting outdoor murals on walls in a fun area of Charleston. 

They featured different artists painting during the day, and their art was available for sale and on the silent auction.  They featured some graffiti artists, and we were able to watch them create.

There were Food Trucks. 

And there was break dancing.  OH MY.  There was break dancing.  Take us back to the day!  Steven loves break dancing.  His favorite movie is Electric Boogaloo.  So, this was right up his alley.  I felt VERY cool as I sat there and watched them "battle."  I seriously felt like Eminem was going to show up at any moment.  I have no idea how they make their bodies do the things they do.


Kids were dancing.  People were cheering.  Sweat was running down my backside and into my nether region.  That kind of killed my cool factor.

It was a great day, and I ended up realizing that the whole world can be a canvas!  
Even a baby in a belly!


KB said...

Amazing!! I love to watch artists work. I look at a wall and see a wall, but they look at a wall and see the potential for something amazing. What a gift!

sherri s. said...

Fun! We wanted a lazy Sunday, but the leaking hose behind the washing machine/water turn-off that wouldn't turn off/sink that was clogged with lint did not allow that. Good times.

word: veltail

I love that bunny's velvety tail: it's a veltail.

angie128 said...

I can't get past that turkey tummy.

mel said...

What a fun day! I wish I had been with you!