Sunday, November 6, 2011


It's been a rough couple days. (weeks?  months?)  I know from my last few posts you've figured out that my job has posed quite the challenge for me of late.  Without going into specifics, I'll just stick with the fact that it's been R O U G H.

I spent Friday hiding away from the world.

It didn't work.  The world kept on spinning, and with it, all the things making my life rough.  

It doesn't work when we try to avoid our problems, or hope they go away.  Clamming up and not letting out my emotions isn't too bright either.  I've been doing a lot of both lately.  And, last week, I felt like I hit Rock Bottom.

That didn't feel very good.  I must admit.

But, a few things have started happening, and I am choosing to believe they are signs that things are going to start getting better. 

I went out with a dear friend Thursday night, ate a ton of sushi and drank a lot of wine and talked and talked and talked.  It was cathartic.  Later that night, I found this View Master Slide on the ground.  I'm going to carry it around with me to symbolize that things are on the upswing.  Little things.  Little Steps.  Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse.

We went to Waffle House today and the service and food was absolutely perfect.  Again, another sign that things are looking up, as the service and food are NEVER both right in our WH location.  I felt the cloud lifting a bit in that crazy Waffle House, and for some reason this ketchup bottle spoke to me.

I know I'm really searching for signs here. 

I spent the weekend with my very supportive husband and good friends, and feel ready to face the world again.   I know it's going to be another difficult, challenging week, but at least I now feel that I'll come out okay on the other side. 

Thanks Mickey Mouse.  Thanks Waffle House.


Darla said...

You, yourself, are a "bright side", if not for yourself, then others!

I hope this week is easier to deal with. We all have had days, or more, when we would love to just stay in bed. :)

Keep us posted, dear Judi. And remember, "The sun will come out, tomorrow,..."

KB said...

Funny how the little things mean so much. Sometimes we have to hold on to a View Master slide with both hands until things make sense again ... but they will make sense again.

angie128 said...

Totally get the ruff stuff at work. Sorry you're going through it....

Viewmaster. Love it. Good memories.

Hang in there sweet Ju Ju.

Let's hit it a day at a time....

sherri s. said...

Hope the week is looking up? I love finding omens on the ground (I find stuff all the time, for some reason!). I agree with Darla--you're our Internet Mickey Mouse Viewmaster reel!

word: citiver

The country mouse went to town to visit his citiver cousin (lame!).