Friday, December 9, 2011

Axe Me This

Steven insists only one of his armpits sweats.  He's told me this for years.  I don't doubt him. But, I still think it's odd.

Until he lived full time in the good old U S A, he didn't even wear deodorant.  But, even if you're English,if you live in South Carolina, you have to adjust to wearing the stuff. And so he has.  Finding the right stink preventer has  been an ongoing process.  But, I think we finally made it. 

When I was younger, I used to enjoy the scent of the Mennen Speed Stick.  As an aged mature woman, I must admit I love me some Axe.  You know, the stuff the young kids wear.  Young studly dudes with washboard abs use this stuff.  It comes in many manly flavors. My fave is DARK TEMPTATION.  Hello! How good does that sound??

This is the point where I admit that I like to stock up on the good smelling stuff when I go to Target.  And, yeah, that interloper on the left is some awful lemon/lime concoction that gets used when he's low on the good stuff.   Almost every time I go to Target, I buy a can.  And, I feel like I've accomplished something when I find the can.

If they made a perfume that smelled like the Dark Temptation Axe, I'd buy it.  Steven tried to suggest to me that I just spray the Axe on myself, and I had to tell him that even though that sounds logical, that would be way too easy.

Well, Steven left all the cans out for me today to show me just how many he has, and that he's probably stocked up for awhile.  I'm thinking the AXE is running a close second to my toilet paper obsession.  Oh well. I take great stock in good smelling things.

Now, which pic do you like better?  The first one, or this last one?  No wrong answer. I'll let you know which one of us took which picture, I just need to know which one you prefer.

And, if you hanker smelling something good, check out this dark temptation!!!!



KB said...

I like the 2nd pic. And my son just started wearing deodorant and I purposely stayed away from Axe because of the way women flock to the men wearing it in the commercials. Not MY baby, thank you very little. :)

angie128 said...

Cooper thinks he needs lots of Axe. Ummmmm.

Grandma K said...

Tell him to have a mastectomy on the side where he DOES sweat - won't anymore.

I'm almost afraid to choose a picture, but the second one.

mel said...

I am going with Door #2.

SPT said...

I vote for #2. I really hope that is your photo.

My 10 year old son is still woefully inadequate on the personal hygiene front. I am told to enjoy this now before he spends hours in the bathroom. He could go weeks without brushing his teeth or showering. It is fowl. Luckily he doesn't have BO yet but he does smell dingy and muggy after several days with no shower.

Anyway, I am telling you this because one of his friends that he really idolizes IS into personal hygiene and uses Axe. I spoke to the mom and she told me the good "flavors" so i have it all on hand hoping to entice sam to use. No luck yet.

And further speaking of personal hygiene I have been trying for ages to find a natural deodorant at whole foods that actually works. So far, I've found nothing. Any suggestions?

Cheyenne said...

The second one.

sherri s. said...

OMG, I left a comment on this, I thought! Oh no, where did I leave it? I guessed that No. 2 was Steven's, only because I have minor in photography ("never take photos from straight on, blah blah blah"). Yours was fine too! I have no ideas what Axe even smells like?

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Darla said...

I vote for #2...I hope that is your picture. :)

Love is always having enough toilet paper!