Tuesday, December 6, 2011

R R R Random!

Happy Tuesday in December y'all!!!

My stockings are hung by the chimney with care.  I got a bit sad when I pulled out Bailey's.  :-(

I think I have about 75% of my shopping accomplished.  This could be a bad thing.  Finishing this early means earlier panic, and more money spent at the last minute because I forgot what I already bought.

They now make Hershey's Kisses with candy cane bits inside of them.  Interesting.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are depressing the heck out of me this year.

But, the Real Housewives of Atlanta are cracking me UP.

I still miss All My Children. 

Steven bought me a fish.  His name is Corey.  He likes show tunes. He keeps me company at work.

Twenty-three days until the mountains.

I watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" last night.  STILL the all time best Christmas special.

It was 78 degrees here today.  That's too darn hot for December. 

Does anyone else email themselves reminders? 

Some of these jobs on "How it's made" look really tedious.   Attaching the ring to a whistle?  Whew.  Imagine doing that all day long.

You can buy almost anything at a Walgreen's.  Including wine.

I never took a dance class.  It's no coincidence that I'm not a good dancer.

I've had front row seats at two concerts:  Frank Sinatra and Hall & Oates.  Frank had one foot in the grave, but still held his own.  Hall & Oates?  Magnificent.

My favorite Christmas ornament is a wooden St. Louis Arch that my friend Rose bought me.  It gets the prime spot on the tree every year.

The light in my dining room is bright green on a pink cord.

It is NOT all about me.  I have to remind myself of this on a daily basis.

Have a great night, and thanks for stopping by!


Darla said...

Hi Jude! Too warm here today too! But watch out for tomorrow...hello winter.

I,too, love Charlie Brown Christmas. Lines' speech is the best.

I hung our Cooper kitty's ornament on our tree. I still miss him and he has been gone 4 years =(

I found out that even though I do not like Star Buck's eggnog latte, I do like the creamer...interesting.

I would love to see a your dining room light fixture. You my dear are unique. :). I need to find something unique in myself. I am very milk toast.

Merry Christmas my friend. See some magic in each day, in each person.

angie128 said...

I'm very interested in the fish that likes show tunes....

You had 78. We have snow.

And, I love Hall & Oates.

Colleen said...

I thought 78 was just fine! Was wishing I was at the beach with Bear rather than dealing with nasty folks.

Where are all these people the rest of the year?

We have a disco ball ornament given to us by a dear friend. It is not Christmas until it is hung off the ceiling fan in the living room.

Next week is way too busy!!!! We have the Charleston Concert Society concert on Monday pm, an Elks meeting Tuesday (yuck is all I can say), right now Wednesday pm off, Low Country Golden Retriever Rescue party Thursday, probably work Friday night and exhaustion on Saturday. In the middle somewhere there I am working lots o hours and we are getting the Christmas tree....

I love Baileys!!!

Grandma K said...

I miss All My Children too!!

Shopping done - now if I can remember where I stashed the gifts ...

Grandma K said...

OH - and our high temperature was 44. What's up with that. Our low last night was about 29.

sherri s. said...

Super cold here--in the forties and fifties (really, that's cold for SoCal!). No Christmas spirit here yet, really...we always seem so last minute with it lately. Oh well! Going to get our tree this weekend, so things will get much more festive.

word: caffise

I'll have an extra-hot skinny decaf caffise with two pumps of vanilla.