Friday, December 16, 2011

A Perfect Friday in December

Well, I hesitate to use the word "perfect," but it was really a GREAT day.  I received so much love today.  Well, to be fair, I do receive a lot of love every day, but today was extra special.  It started out with a special message from Mel, my original blogger friend. Starting the day with words from this wise woman means starting the day ahead of the game.

Steven and I go to Sonic a couple times a week for a #13 Breakfast Combo, no egg, large unsweet tea.  It is usually on Saturdays, but occasionally I'll treat myself during the week. (Remember, food = love)  We have the most wonderful girl that works at our Sonic.  She remembers my order, she calls Steven, "Boo" and she always greets us with a smile and warmth.  That is gift enough, right? Well, today, she gave us a Christmas card.  I was seriously blown away.  She is nice to us each and every day, and she took the extra step this morning, and gave us a card.  Inside, she signed it, "Michelle from Sonic."  That made it precious in itself. 

Later in the day, the mail came at work.  In it was a package from a fellow blogger, Grandma K. (check her out, you'll love her!)  In it were hand sewn Christmas decorations, all with the most gorgeous detail. I was so surprised to receive these thoughtful treats, and at work!  Be still my beating heart.  GK sent me a loving warm Christmas card and it warmed me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.  Thank you Karen.  You are a blessing to me!  There are more that didn't make it into the picture, but these show you how adorable they all are.

So, after all this love and goodness, I get home from work to a package on my front porch.  The package was from my dear friends from St. Louis, the Jackson's.  Remember, just a few days ago, I mentioned them when speaking of my favorite tree ornament, the St. Louis Arch. Well, there is a new one to rival it.  It is a World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals ornament.  I now have two all time favorite ornaments, and both are from the same folks and honoring that special city.

I am enjoying my Friday night with a lovely glass of Chardonnay, I ate some yummy pasta, and am now settled in for a night on the couch with my computer, my animals and the husband.  I feel so thankful and so loved, and grateful that life is so good.

Oh, and just to keep it real:  here's Steven's favorite ornament on our tree...

Happy Friday Friends. I hope you are feeling the love. 



Colleen said...

I do believe that rivals the baby Jesus in a walnut shell ornament! We took Bear to Folly Beach this morning and it was absolutely glorious!

Grandma K said...

I am glad I could be part of your day!

angie128 said...

Lovely post.

Except for the poop ornament. ;)

mel said...

JuJuBees, you are the personification of love.

How perfect that your Sonic friend knew to give you a card about angels!