Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some Christmas Preparation Randoms

***and two photos of Taylor's new apartment.  Her bedroom is on the left.  Too cute, eh?  It's in a neat part of town, and was built in 1927. 

Whereas I don't really like addressing Christmas cards, I do enjoy thinking about my friends when I see their names.

Some people move around a LOT!

I adopted a kid for Christmas this year (presents only!) and I am very stressed that he won't like what I bought him.  It's been a few years since I bought something for a 10 year old boy.

I do enjoy the Christmas lights on people's houses.

Two houses that normally go WAY overboard with Christmas decorations have no lights or decs put up this year.  The curiosity is killing me.  I want to ring their doorbell and tell them it's just not the same without their goods.

I think I bought most of my gifts from Amazon.com this year.

I have managed to avoid the mall up to this point.  I am very proud of this accomplishment.  In case you don't remember,  I loathe the mall.

I really need to buy some new Christmas ornaments. I bet I forget to buy them on the 26th.

Steven is doing an art show Christmas night.  That's a first.

Christmas is in twelve days, and for once, I'm feeling like I'm ahead of the game.  This could be dangerous; I anticipate a last minute panic where I spend more money on people I'm afraid I forgot.

Wrapping gifts hurts my back.  Please explain.

That white door on the left is Taylor's front door.  It opens to steps that go up to the second level.  It's so darn cute.  And yes, the name of that restaurant is "Aunt Bea's."

I can't decide if I like colored lights or white lights better.  I change my mind all the time.

Do you have a star or an angel (or something else?) on the top of your tree?  We have a star.  Well, it's on the top on the bottom.  (our tree is suspended from the ceiling, upside down)

I love to hear about people's Christmas traditions and stuff.  Tell me some of yours!


miscellane-ash said...

i want to see your tree!! sounds awesome. i can't decide which lights i prefer either. good luck to steven & his show...totally cool. you are a rock star at this xmas thing...i'm seriously in the weeds :)

angie128 said...

First, as long as you didn't buy the 10 year old boy underwear, he'll be happy. (Don't tell me you bought him underwear...)

Second, the apartment is muy cutie.

Third, I, too, shopped the ol' amazon. Yes. Easy. Free shipping. The end.

Fourth, I have these shiny disk curly stick things all bunched at the top of the tree. It looks like an explosion. I am finally happy with what I've done up there. The Captain? Not so much.

Finally, you never disappoint. And the upside down tree is so very Ju Ju.

KB said...

I have a large red and leopard bow on top of my tree . . . but I wish I had a star. More Christmas-y.

sherri s. said...

Oh, that apartment/building/block/town is too cute! Love it. My first apartment was a bleak prefab studio apt. in Phoenix. Concrete everywhere, yuck.

Our tree has a vintage blown-glass point tree-topper thingy (technical term). Shiny!

Word: reeli

I reeli, reeli, REELI hate malls, too, and I'm not setting foot in one this season. Yay!

Grandma K said...

The apartment is really cute!

My Christmas traditions have changed over the years. I have a walk in closet FULL of decorations. Guess where most of them still are ...

Just too much trouble. I have the wooden cut outs in the garage, about 6 of them. Usually I put up nothing, well in the last 5 or so years. This year I do have the one that is the theme for the street. That and some white lights.