Friday, December 23, 2011

Two Days Before Christmas Ramblings

DONE!  Yep, everything is bought, wrapped, sent and marked off the list.  Now I laze.

Oops.  I just remembered I have to make some Party Mix.

Does Santa put toothbrushes in your stockings?

A squirrel yelled at me this morning.  Well, "yell" might be too strong.  He was definitely yammering at me as I got out of my car.  I'm in trouble with the wildlife community?

Oh, speaking of wildlife---a coworker read my Owl Girl post.  Now this fine lady was raised in Kentucky and she swears she knows what that noise was:  the Eastern Screech Owl.  She said that many a night she would be walking in the dark, hear this noise, and it would scare the B'Jesus out of her.  Listen here if you dare!  I'm still not convinced that OG isn't living in our backyard, but at least now you know what she sounds like?

Four days off work.  Such sweet sweet words.

SIX days until the mountains.  Sweeter words.

What's for dinner?

It's about 900 degrees here today.  NOT very Christmasy.  I miss Midwestern Christmas weather.  The chance of a white Christmas here?  ZERO.

I love tortilla chips, but hate the aftertaste they leave in my mouth.   Blech.

I wonder how many people are getting an IPAD for Christmas. 

I know an 8 year old boy who wants Santa to bring his daddy home for Christmas.  Daddy is deployed in the Middle East.  Try explaining to your child that Santa can only do so much.

I could watch Grey's Anatomy reruns all day long.  Every day.

Yeah, I'd like to have some chickens running around in my backyard.  The squirrels could yell at them instead of me.  Yeah.  Chickens for Christmas.

 I bet that doesn't happen.


KB said...

You crack me up. Regarding the weather, we have our windows up. I'm hoping some carolers will come by and we can enjoy the singing without having to open the door, because I haven't made any cookies to share with them. But that probably won't happen, because it's not the 1800s.

Darla said...

Merry Christmas, dear lady!

Grandma K said...

Have a Merry Christmas - especially with OG (spooky, and I will bet it is a screech owl).

You always crack me up! And I too would like some chickens in my back yard. The city on the other hand ...