Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leggings Mystery: UPDATE!

(does that remind you of Unsolved Mysteries?  Man, I loved it when they solved one!)

Well, the leggings are back.  I still don't know just WHERE they went, but they have reappeared.  I am guessing that my leggings read my blog, and felt it was time to come home?

When I got out of the shower this morning, I saw Steven going through all my stacks of clothes.  (remember, pj drawer, pj pant stack, regular pants, leggings, EXERCISE  (teehee) pants)  He showed me my nice new black capris.  They were in the legging stack. 

(I swear they weren't there yesterday morning)

I was pleased, but not surprised on those.  They were black.  They could have been mistaken for the other 499 pairs I have.

But then?  He finds the BROWN ones.  They were in with my swimwear.  These brown leggings obviously did not want to be worn until the heat of the summer and were hiding among the chlorine drenched sun bleached items at the top of my shelf.

The babies are home.  My legs are happy again.  Steven, you are my hero.


Mary said...

I have a new found affinity for leggings. I wear them nearly every day when I get home from work. Is that a sickness?

angie128 said...

I think Steven needs to be questioned... Did *he* have the leggings??? Maybe you busted him putting them back in the clothes.


mel said...

What a guy!

sherri s. said...

Such a funny picture! Glad they've decided to come back home from their big adventure.