Sunday, April 22, 2012

Closing the Book on Vacation

We are home.  I am in my bed.  I've seen my child, and eaten a home cooked meal.  I've taken two naps in my bed.  I sat in my spot on the couch.  I recorded bank receipts and caught up my checkbook and paid some bills. 

But, before the new week begins, and this vacation becomes even more of a memory, I want to revisit some of the highlights and the very few low lights. 

I love seeing things I've never seen before:

-new people
-new places
-Puget Sound
-West Seattle
-Alki Beach

-Pike Place Market
-Elliot Bay
-Downtown Seattle
-Vancouver Canuck game with Canucks fans
-Gastown in Vancouver
-Listel Hotel
-Canadian Cider
-Granville Island Lager
-Hot Shot
-Lemon Drop Martinis
-Tulips everywhere
-Corner shops with candy, chips and drinks
-Riding the train when no one was talking

I love seeing things from home in cities I'm visiting:

-Subway Tuna (loved ordering this in Canada!)
-A&E and Discovery ID on TV
-Good Morning America!  (even if tape delayed)
-Reading my book at home, in Seattle, Vancouver and finishing it just before getting back home

And, things I couldn't get used to:
-Pacific Time Zone
-No iced tea in Vancouver
-More expensive gas
-No state income taxes, so BIG sales tax
-No ceiling fan in the hotel room or cottage
-the really talkative man who yakked for four hours from Vancouver to Seattle (dude, take a breath)

-All the folks who carry on their luggage
-That darn middle seat on the plane
-Missing my animals and that daughter

So, thank you for the memories Pacific Northwest.  You are gorgeous.  

And little town in South Carolina?  I'm glad to be back to your comfortable-ness. It is oh so true, there's no place like home.


KB said...

Welcome home to our precious SC. We have Lemon Drop Martinis here too, so I see no reason to leave.

Colleen said...

Glad you had a great trip! Welcome home

angie128 said...

Welcome home!

mel said...

I missed you!

Lap Dog Knits said...

Thank you for sharing your was wonderful.
You've seen things I never have, I hope one day to visit there.
For me, Seattle is a special place, it's where I was adopted.
Home..humble or grand..
it's the best place to be

Robin said...

Hi Miss JuJu... so thanks for your comment today. and I used the new "Reply" feature, but I'm wondering where the Reply goes? Does it reach you somehow? otherwise it's would just post on my own blog. Duh. Would you let me know if you got my Reply? I'd appreciate it!

sherri s. said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all--you ALWAYS seem to have fun, Miss JuJu!--but there really is nothing like opening the door at home after time away. Ahhhhhh...

And your nun/mannequin hand comment totally cracked me up!

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