Saturday, April 28, 2012

Getting Ready for Cinco De Mayo

Here in the Creek, we don't have very many nice restaurants.  We have plenty of fast food joints, a Waffle House, and a few small independent places that I'm a bit afraid of...

However, we do have two really good Mexican restaurants, one of which, we frequent quite regularly.  La Hacienda is five minutes from our house.  We love the staff, I love the food and the margaritas, Sir Steven loves the big beers.  (note:  he doesn't eat Mexican food, but has been known to order from the kids menu when needed)

Last night, Sir and I went out with a friend from work. !  We enjoyed "Live Guacamole!"  They made the guac at our table, and it was delicious!  There were TWO whole avocados, tomato, onion, cilantro and jalapenos in there.  YUM-OLA.    Sarah and I shared the live guac and also shared the 24 Karat Gold Margarita.  (secret ingredient:  Sunny Delight.  I kid you not)

It was a fun evening topped off by Sarah's visit to our abode to meet the animals.  I think she wanted to steal Charlie, but we'd notice if he was missing.  For one thing, our food bill would decrease significantly.


She also spied this little gem we have on our shelf.  I hadn't really looked at this in years.  Great game, great memories.  Well done Dad.

(thanks to Sarah and SS for the pictures.  And the fun!!)


Grandma K said...

I was all caught up in how delicious the wild guac looked - until the picture of Sunny. OMG! Just how much does that cat weigh? I surely don't want Shadow to get any ideas.

(Hummm - you have Sunny and I have Shadow.)

Grandma K said...

Oops - the brain has been overworked. I don't know where I got Sunny! Excuse the blunder. Too little brain - too much information trying to be stored!

angie128 said...

1. I love Mexican food.
2. I don't love guacamole.
3. That's the biggest cat I've ever seen in my life.
4. Love, love, love your daddy's game ball football. Love. LOVE.

Robin said...

OMG. That kitty cat is large and in charge! I love a fat cat, and had one that got up to 24 pounds in his hey day. I did find later that I wasn't doing him any favors, but... he loved to eat!!! and I loved to feed him!!! Sounds like a fun night out. :o)

mel said...

I am very impressed that your friend decided to benchpress Charlie...

Salivating at the margarita...

Colleen said...

I think Bear might be afraid of Charlie...he is a rather large boned cat.

La Ha is one of our favorite places for Mexican food. The one down here in West Ashley has a lunch buffet....mmmmmmm.

I am going to post a recipe for Tomato Peach salsa. Sounds strange but was absolutely wonderful, you said you wanted to eat more veggies!

Love the game ball!
Missing me some Ashley at work, gotta love someone that works!

Sherri said...

The margarita pic is so cute...I had Mexican food last night for din-din. And yes, that is a fluffy cat! Well loved!

Sherri said...

Hey, where's my avatar pic?! Darn you, Google!

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