Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Randoms after Easter

I'm writing with a very full belly.  Burp.

Easter was a bit of a pffffffft for me.  We went to a friend's house. Taylor met up with us.  She was there less than thirty seconds when a dog bit her in the hand.  It was such a freak accident.  It scared her, hurt her, and made her very self conscious.  She left.  I felt awful and tried to act like I didn't feel awful for the remainder of the day.  {She's okay, just very sore.} 

I made Jambalaya Saturday night.  I used to make it all the time back in the day, but this is the first time in over ten years.  It was still hot, spicy and made me sweat!  SUCCESS.

I'm in pre-vacation mode.  That means I'm making tons of lists, stressing about getting things done, and having pre-vacation panic.  I do have a really nifty new suitcase.  I think I'll recognize this puppy coming down the luggage ramp:

I miss my animals so much when I'm on vacation.

Steven and I celebrated our, "it's been 13 years since we met" anniversary yesterday.  He bought me a lovely bottle of wine, and I bought him some readers with lights.  He's thrilled by his gift.  (seriously!)

I read today that Vivien Leigh was bi-polar.  I had never heard that before.

We bought tickets to see Earth, Wind & Fire in June.  That should take me back thirty years or so.

I did make some good deviled eggs for Easter.  But, lordy be, I cannot boil them right so that they are easy to peel.  I've tried so many methods, but still struggle with teeny tiny egg pieces.  Any and all suggestions are appreciated.  I've probably tried it, but maybe your way is the one that will finally work for me?

Best Easter Candy:   Bubble gum that looks like eggs.  They taste great for about 30 seconds and then become hard as a rock.

Best Easter Dress ever worn by Taylor:

LOVE the feet.


Kristi Roddey said...

Happy belated Easter! I have never had problems peeling boiled eggs. That's not bragging; I just never have, so I'll share my method, which is how my precious Grandmama taught me to do it.

Cover your eggs with cold water. Bring them to a boil, cover, remove from heat, and let the water reach room temperature. When you're ready to peel the eggs, do it under cold running water. Just make sure you have a good grip on the eggs. Few things as sad as watching a boiled egg plop down the drain.

sherri s. said...

Oh, boo on the dog bite...I hate to hear that.

Happy "met 13 years ago" anniversary! I have to confess to not remembering the exact day we met. It was a little over 28 years ago, though, in March...

And Kristi's method is my grandma's method, too, except once they come to room temp, she'd crack each one just a bit and let them sit in cold water--the shells just slip right off! Mostly...

Colleen said...

The think with the eggs is that fresh eggs are the ones that do not want to peel. If you can buy them a few weeks in advance and leave them in the fridge all will be well. I have to admit that if making deviled eggs I will buy the pre-peeled ones (shhhh) since I can never plan far enough in advance to have "mature" ones.

We are going to see Earth Wind and Fire too! Should be a great concert!

Happy meeting anniversary!

Love the feet too...

angie128 said...

I'm jealous of the upcoming vacation.

And, the Earth Wind & Fire tickets.

And, the readers with built in lights.

Grandma K said...

So sorry about the dog bite! That's really a crappy way to begin a visit!

I thought I was the only one who stressed before vacations! I also miss my animals when gone - so that's why they go with us when they can, but then that's only to the other house.

I, for some reason, am really not wanting to leave Simone in June when we go on a real trip. I just have a terrible feeling ...