Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Things I like:

Grey's Anatomy on the DVR
squirrels eating cheerios in my backyard

Things I don't like:

white rice
that greasy grime on the kitchen stove
night sweats

Things I like:

stripes and polka dots
the keyboard on my blackberry
leather bracelets

Things I don't like:

long eyebrow hairs on men
condensation on glasses  (drinking)

Things I like:

the colon  (the punctuation, not the body part)
exclamation points

Things I don't like:

cooked celery
going to the dentist
know it alls

Things I like:

Beauty and the Beast (Disney, not CBS)
playing cards
puppy breath


angie128 said...

Things I like:

Grandma K said...

Found something we don't agree on - squirrels. They have done too much damage to my house!!! Long tailed rats!

But I still like you!

sherri s. said...

As an editor, I have to say that the colon and the em-dash rock, as does the semicolon (though many people do not know how to use it correctly [I'm priggishly looking over the tops of my imaginary half-glasses as I type that]).

Top of my don't like list today: bunions. TMI?

mel said...

Busting into song here...."I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel soooo bad...".

Me and Julie