Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vancouver 1 - JuJu 0

I am too old for a pub crawl.
I am too old for a pub crawl.
I am too old for a pub crawl.

In case I ever forget this again, I hope you all will remind me of this post.

We started our Wednesday in Vancouver in the Gastown District.  This is a shopping/dining area of Vancouver.  We're really not into shopping all that much, so we just focused on the little souvenir shops (which are everywhere) and the restaurants and bars.

 My favorite souvenir shop had these two beasts inside:

Gastown is named after some guy who was known to be quite the talker and was filled with a lot of hot air.  I know quite a few people who fit that description.  I hope if anyone ever makes a statue of me that I don't appear to be inebriated.

We found an Irish pub that was showing English Football.  (follow?)  This is where our pub crawl began in earnest.  We watched a great game, enjoyed talking to the bartenders, learned all about the use of "eh" in Canada-Speak and just had an overall great time.  We were also pleased to find out that no matter where we go, Manchester United is represented.

This is also the place and time where we heard of Dick Clark's passing.  I always loved Dick Clark, and not just on New Year's Eve.  The $25,000 Pyramid remains one of my favorites of all times.  Thanks for the great memories Mr. Clark!

 After spending much too much time and money at the Lamplighter, we headed back to Robson Street and our hotel location.  I finally got some sushi.  The tuna was so darn tender, it just melted in my mouth.

It was playoff hockey last night and we finished our VERY LONG day at a corner pub watching the Vancouver Canucks defeat the LA Kings.  It was a fun evening, but we are very very tired today.  And my tummy is really really mad at me.  

Back to Seattle tomorrow for one more day and home on Saturday.  It's been quite an adventure, but I'm about ready to be back in the land of mosquitoes, humidity, and iced tea.  (ANGIE!)