Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthdays and Bingos

It's Sir Steven's birthday today
Happy 44
Happy Gnome wrapping paper
One bag was filled with four types of cookies
The man likes his cookies

We had dinner with the creators of Sir and their friends
The 44 year old had a plain hot dog and fries
And some Bingo
I ate boiled peanuts

In between the games, I became artistic
During the games, I had to make sure Sir's Father paid attention to his Bingo Board
Six games x Six People = No Winners

 Sir loves chess
Sir loves Manchester United
Manchester United Chess Set
What else?

That's David Beckham next to #16
I like the cheesy grin on his friend next to him

 Shiny David Beckham, circa 1999
I just realized we had no cake today
That's wrong

David  Beckham in my bed

Even the Queen took time out from the Jubilee to wish Steven a happy birthday
That gal is always waving


sherri s. said...

Happy Birthday, Sir Steven! 44, a lucky number. Love Becks...until he talks, I'm sorry to say. And I love the solar Queen--we almost bought one! Love the real Queen too--how sweet are the Jubilee photos? (And yum, Harry in uniform!). Also? I wish I had Kate's hair.

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday to Sir Steven!!!
I was wondering who bought one and actually almost wrote a blog about them!
My plan was to wait until they went on clearance and add it to my pitcher bought in celebration of her 50th jubilee.

KB said...

David Beckham. Swooooon. Check and mate.