Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Night Stuff

I'm killing time until 11:00 ET when the Tigers play their first game in the NCAA Regionals.

Here's a few things I figured out that I'm good at:

1.  Balancing my checkbook.  I do it to the penny.
2.  Sympathy cards, thank you notes and post cards.  I love the written word.
3.   I read fast.
4.  I don't oversleep.
5.  Spelling
6.  Singing
7.  I know and understand most rules in most sports
8.  Sweating.  I'm very good at this.
9.  Napping.  I m might just be better at this than anyone else.
10.  I like to think I'm good at "scaring" away the hiccups.  No one else thinks this though...

Is itchiness a part of menopause/perimenopause?  My skin is driving me crazzzzy.  Scratch. Scratch. Scratch. 

I've been catching "All My Children" reruns.  They are showing them on SoapNet, and I've been DVRing them.  I am so tickled about this.

There were so many cute little kids at the Mexican restaurant tonight.  Why do we enjoy them so much more when they are total strangers?  I guess it's because I could eat my meal in peace? 

I took the day off work today.  I really didn't do anything, but I sure enjoyed not being at work.  I think I could easily get used to the three day work week.

Down to less than an hour to go before game time.  Please put those Missouri Tigers in your prayers again! 

Happy Friday!!!


Mary said...

You are awesome at sending cards. I always get your cards and feel your love, sympathy, excitment, whatever the occasion, and wish I could hug you that minute. Thanks for being awesome.

I also think that you are great at scaring away the hiccups. I'm not sure you've ever actually scared mine away but your attempts are sure excellent and always make me giggle. :-)


Mary said...

Excitment is the new, cooler spelling for EXCITEMENT. :)

Colleen said...

11 pm is soooooooooo very late, I would have to take a nap to stay up!

I cannot balance my checkbook to save my life! That might have something to do with ATM cards though and the fact I only have control of one of them.

ps...I am so sorry you had to go back to the words. They are close to this afternoon the second word is a picture.

sherri s. said...

Yes, itchiness...part of "the Change," as my grandma called it. I balance my checkbook to the penny, too...but it's a good thing there are calculators in the world. I used to be good at napping, but "the Change" seems to have adversely affected my sleep habits, boo!