Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bottles and Brushes

In our household, we celebrate birthdays for as long as humanly possible.   Taylor turns 20 next week, and the first part of the celebration involved an outing to Bottles and Brushes.

This is one of those places where you spend two hours painting and end up with a picture that you can't believe you painted.  Well, that's how it was for me. 

I don't have much artistic talent.  Oh, I can draw a tree, a sunshine in the corner, a few birds in the sky, but that's about it.  But, this experience left me feeling a bit like Van Gogh.  But with both ears.

Five of our friends joined us.  It was very sweet of them to come along, and I think they all found it to be a relaxing evening. Although, you can see just how very hard everyone is working in this picture.  This was a table of overachievers.

This night's creation was to be the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.  Yeah right.  Me paint that?  But, after two very quick hours, I had created this:

Yes.  I realize mine looks a little bit like the Mad Hatter in drag, but I was pleased.  Although, those sure are some big old lips.

Taylor, on the other hand, does have artistic talent. 

We even had a graduation photo taken with the whole class.

Look at that radical dude on the end who made his guy with blonde hair.  He probably skipped classes in school too.  There's always ONE. 

Are you starting to get creeped out by all these Mad Hatters? 
Let's look at some pretty women instead.

It was a great mother/daughter and friend evening.  
Even if my dude ended up with the biggest lips.


angie128 said...

Nice job! That would be fun - would love to do that.

Colleen said...

He has some large lips there for sure!

They just opened down the street from us and we have been thinking about going...looks like fun!

Grandma K said...

The blizzard was chocolate brownie something which was the month's flavor!

Enjoy the birthday celebration(s)!