Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Night Randoms

(written during continuous rain and satellite outages)

Has anyone read, "Shades of Grey?"  I'm getting ready to read it.  The girls at work have been going nuts about it, so I'm going to give it a whirl.  I feel the blushes starting just writing that.

I want to be friends with the guys from Mythbusters.  Well, with Adam.  Jamie seems like he might be a bit uptight.

I realized that I'm usually the biggest gal wherever I go.  (work, social events)  This is a bit unsettling. I don't mind being fluffy, I just don't want to be fluffy and unhealthy.

We are regulars at the Waffle House.  That probably leads to the fluffiness. 

I'm having a love affair with dill pickles.  Of late, I can't get enough of them.  And, NO, I'm not prego.

My peri-menopause includes hot flashes, itching spells and night sweats.  I can't WAIT for the full fledged thing.   NOT.

More TV people I want to be friends with:  the Manzo family, Paula Deen, and Robin Roberts.

Robert Redford's voice is still sexy.  Who am I kidding?  Robert Redford is still sexy.

The calendar says June.  My brain says March.  March, 2003.

Best part of my weekend?  Napping during the rain today.  What was yours?


angie128 said...

I also win Most Fluffy.

No to Shades of Gray for me.

We had no rain.

Went to the golf tourny twice. It was a good time.

Colleen said...

Getting home after being in the rain for 6 and a half hours at Middleton Plantation for the Spoleto Finale! There is something very uncomfortatble about wet undies!

Robin said...

Loved this list of thoughts. I had the itchies, fatigue, but no flashes. But i have a new one: excruciating knee pain in the middle of the night. this is some journey, i tell ya! I also adore robert redford. still sexy. love him. have a great week, robin

sherri s. said...

I'm on the Fluffy Committee too! Although "fluffy" is not the word for my arms! Do you know about "Hi, Helens"? Some (male) fashion designer referred to flabby upper arms as "Hi, Helens" because when you wave and say "Hi, Helen," they wobble. Sad, mean, but true! Poor Colleen--wet undies are no fun at all!

Lap Dog Knits said...

The list is too long so I won't even start with "fluffy, flab, sweats" it would fill more than this comment space.

Love Robert, always have, always will...

Let me know about the book...I'm one of those that wants to read but never finds the time..
that's retirement right?
If I can still see then.