Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goodbye Virgin Mary

We've lived in our house for twelve years.  In that twelve years time, we've seen quite a few neighbors come and go.   That's a whole 'nother blog post, to be sure.  (Why is it neighbors are always so weird?)

A couple years ago, we pulled into our cul de sac and saw that a new neighbor had moved in two doors down.  We were used to that, as that house had a bit of a revolving door of tenants.  What stood out to us about this one was the VIRGIN MARY statue in the yard.  (note:  this picture is not our neighbor's statue, she is MUCH more exposed)

I have nothing against the Virgin Mary.  She seems to be a very nice lady, and goodness knows she was very giving.  But, she just didn't look right in the front yard of this house, nestled in the pine straw. 

Not only did she not look right, but I knew I would then be faced with a challenge of keeping Sir Steven away from that thing.   My first words after seeing her were, "You are not allowed to pee on that."  Yes, we have to make rules like that in my world.

We began calling the woman who moved in by the moniker, Virgin Mary.  VM had three dogs and a cat when she moved into the house.  She would walk the dogs twice a day, and the cat would accompany them.  If the cat wasn't walking, he would settle in for a nap on Steven's jeep.  (Remember this post?) I enjoyed seeing the doggies, the kitty, and VM was harmless.  (except for Rockett barking out the window each time they would walk by...)

So, last weekend, Virgin Mary moved out of her house.  We have no idea where she went.  But, she took the cat, the dogs, and she took that statue right out of the pine straw.  And, now it just looks empty over there.  It's amazing how easily I get attached to things being the way they are. 

I also wonder if male dogs lifted their leg on her, and if so, is that considered a sin?


sherri s. said...

Miss JuJu, you just crack me up! That is all...Oh, no, it's not: is there a lot of putting VMs in upright bathtubs in your area? Or is that a Kentucky thing?

KB said...

Too funny. We once had a neighbor with a statue of Venus (the goddess. Not the planet.) When they moved, they left the statue, and Venus decided to visit the other homes in the neighborhood. Every few days she would show up in someone else's yard, or on their porch, or on their driveway. Sometimes she would wear a lei or Santa hat. One day she showed up with bright pink nipples drawn in . . . And that was the last I saw of Venus.

Lap Dog Knits said...

well, it's a good way for the old neighborhood to remember her..

I have statues of squirrels in my yard...and a rabbit

I doubt I'd be missed..

but our well kept yard would be..they'd miss Man In Black

I'm "in"...now I feel like I need a drink from the pressure.

I'll let you know if a VM shows up in my neighborhood...it's a good possibility.

Colleen said...

You guys are all too funny!

Here I thought it was going to be a serious blog....glad it wasn't!