Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pre Holiday Preparations

Isn't it weird to have the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday?  I'm sure it has before in my life, but I surely can't remember it.

I had a super bad day today.  It was a serious Murphy's Law Day.  Everything went wrong.

I've been pouting all day, but plan to be over it by tomorrow.

I think being off work, spending time with friends and eating lots of good food will cure all that ails me.

Or most of it anyway.

My favorite thing to eat in the summer is fresh sliced tomatoes with loads of salt and pepper.
And corn on the cob.

Strawberries are pretty tasty right now too.

 Do you ever feel like some of your relationships in life are a one way street?

Yeah, me too.

I like seeing Fireworks in the sky, but I don't like the big booms.  Too scary for the doggies and kitties.

Fireworks over water are so pretty.

 Steven is drinking a nice patriotic bourbon.

Mr. Jefferson is wearing tights.  I bet he's hot in this heat.

Cream cheese, sugar cookie and fruit all in one big plate of goodness.  Ahh.  That's what makes our country great.


Colleen said...

Happy 4th!!! So will you share the recipe????

Colleen said...

Happy 4th!!! So will you share the recipe????

Colleen said...

Happy 4th!!! So will you share the recipe????

Colleen said...

I have no idea how that happened...Life is somehow easier with my super slow desk top.

angie128 said...

Colleen wants the recipe. ;)

That looks yummy.

I'm obsessed with grilled corn on the cob and chopped up caprese salad. Yum.

Have a fun day!!

Grandma K said...

Hope today is better - have a great 4th!

sherri s. said...

Sorry about your Murphy's Law day--I have those about once a month, seriously. Food! Yum! Food! Yum! I love tomatoes with salt and pepper, too--or if I'm feeling really crazy, with a smear of Hellman's. Oh yeah.

And must investigate that bourbon, looks so tasty. We have Woodford Reserve in the cupboard, but I've not heard of this one. Happy Fourth of July, y'all!

Mary said...

Yumm-o! Sure hope the day got better. I bet that sugar cookie fruit delicious-looking thing was fantastic!