Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Evening Check In

Hello World.
I'm still feeling pooey, I've been battling Bronchitis and all its lovely characteristics.

I have enjoyed reading everyone's blog posts this week, but have had absolutely no energy and nothing to offer in return, other than a post about coughing and peeing.  And heck, I already did that one.

I'll be back soon, but until then, enjoy looking at this:

Hello DA Ladies.  I sure do miss you.


sherri s. said...

Oh no, hope you feel better! It sucks to be sick anytime, but it seems worse, somehow, in the summer. Did you see the post on Tom and Lorenzo of Crawley girls all glammed up? Wow!

Colleen said...

Yuck!!! Hope you are on the mend! We are watching DA on Sunday evenings on one of the 3 PBS stations we get. I suspect the nephew may also now be addicted to it!