Sunday, July 1, 2012

How To Celebrate A Birthday in the South, Part Two

If you were kind enough to read my previous post, you know that we spent part of Taylor's birthday at the gun range.  Only in the South, I tell ya.

And, now, just two days later, we celebrated another birthday in another Southern tradition: the White Trash Bash.

Sir and I love a theme party.  We enjoy going to the thrift stores to find just the perfect outfit. 

Have no fear friends, I have not had a stroke.  I may have a claw hand in this picture and be complete with the stroke face, but this is all a result of Taylor taking the picture on "2" rather than "3."

What is involved at a White Trash Bash you ask?  Well, lots of folks wearing short shorts, long facial hair, and way too much makeup.  (Sir said I looked more like Mimi from the Drew Carey show than anything else...)

There was a lot of camoflauge and overalls.

At the WTB, we had only the best foods.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, bologna sandwiches, pork rinds, boiled peanuts,  Cheetos, Fritos and Jello Shots.

The cake was a true original.

But the best part of the party?  It had to be the wading pool we all used to cool off our tootsies.  I'm sure your part of the world is like the rest of the country, BOILING HOT.  Sitting outside in the middle of the day is not my favorite thing to do.  But, the pool made all the difference in keeping us cool.

It also provided a place for those empty jello shot containers. 

White Trash Monocle.


Lap Dog Knits said...

I seriously want your address and buy the house next door....!!
I LOVE the it, love it.
we used to have parties on our street, you know, like Earthquake No Power/Ground Still Shaking parties but this White Trash is right up my alley.
We have a Bayliner boat,single wide trailer...avocado interior..
do we qualify?
My favorite part of your comment on my blog...that we'd be drinking "margaritas together" as in several margaritas!
Cracks me up we both have "stevens"..
Stay cool and safe my friend..
If I thought it'd work I'd blow some cool temps and clouds South.

Colleen said...

OMG you guys are a hoot (as they say here in the south). So we will get Lap Dog, you, me and some margaritas!!

Looks like your daughter had a great birthday!!

Robin Paparella Hardy said...

OH, now that yeller dress o'yers shore is purdy. And Sir's 'burger shirt is mightee fine! Too darn funny!

sherri s. said...

Where on earth did that burger shirt come from?? Wow, just wow. Our code word for anyone who might be white trash (I feel well qualified to judge since, remember, I'm from Kentucky, as I remind frequently!) is T-Dub (get it? "W T" backwards). We'll say things like, "Oh, that looks like T-Dub's friend..." Coded so as not to offend...just passive aggressively offending, I guess!

Grandma K said...

What fun! Will you come and plan my birthday??