Thursday, March 21, 2013

And what did you do today?

Let me bore you with some of the details of my day.

The highlight is occurring as we speak - I'm watching Billy Elliot for the 573rd time.  This is one of my all time favorites.  I cry every single time.  "Let's give the boy a @#$ing chance!"  Sniff Sniff.   And then the final scene.  O M G. 

Prior to this wonderful 120 minutes, the excitement of my day included

-yet another Visalus shake this morning for breakfast and a commute accompanied by my newest book, "The Horse Dancer."  (I hate to get out of the car when I get to work!)

-submitting health insurance claim forms.  Is there anything more boring?

-plan making for the weekend.  I get to see Jake on Saturday!  He'll be in Savannah for the weekend, so we'll be making a trek down there.  I've got it planned so that I might get to enjoy three different meals while there.  Yes, I plan these things around food.

-I space bagged my first bag.  All by myself.  Steven had done them before, but this is my first.  I must say, mine don't look nearly as pretty as the ones on TV.  But, it sure is fun to suck out the air.

-I shopped at Ross, looking for a casual dress.  I bought one that doesn't fit very well.  Why do I do that?  I never return things.  How ridiculous is that.

-I took a great bubble bath with my favorite bubbles, Bliss Mint.

-I plugged in my new mini blender

-I put away the cup tower that was forming in my bathroom

-and I snuggled big time with my doggy.  Our dear friends had to put down their four legged baby today, and my heart aches for them.  Let's all hug our animals close tonight and say a little prayer for Ella and her sad family.

-And now my last bit of the evening is writing this post and realizing just how very boring my day was.  I'm ending a boring day with an even more boring post.



sherri s. said...

Mine might have been more boring: worked on organizing photos on computer so that I can back up on external hard drive (let us not talk about how long it's been since I've backed up); went to a Bollywood dance class at the Y (that is actually fun and not boring); edited a boring text; tax stuff. Boring! But now I'm about to eat pizza, and that makes me happy!

Colleen said...

Sounds remarkably like mine (without the space bag).

Try the Olympic Café in Savannah!! It's on Water Street on the north end right next to the hotel. They have absolutely the best fried calamari I have ever tasted! You have to plan your trips to Savannah around the food! There is so much yummy stuff to eat!!!

Grandma K said...

First - have a great time in Savannah with your son! How great.

Second, what kind of shake??

Third - my heart breaks for your friend. I know how close we are to having to do the same thing. I hold my fur baby tight every chance I get these days. It has been a week since we dodged the bullet, but who knows when it will be real ...

angie128 said...

Love days like that.