Monday, March 11, 2013

Bulb In The Yard (or, where in the heck did this thing come from?)

As I walked to the mailbox today, I noticed a very plain green looking Christmas bulb sitting in the yard.  This is not something I see every day.  I mean, in my yard, I've seen cigarette butts from some rude litterbug, bread thrown for the birds, dog doo (love that word) and even pistachio shells, but never a lone green Christmas bulb.

As I headed back to the house, I wondered just where this Christmas bulb's journey began.  Had he been part of Santa's bag and was misplaced from his final destination?  Maybe the reindeer went through a bumpy turbulent patch and he fell out and tumbled down to Bronwen Court?  Maybe he ticked off Dancer, and was thrown off the sled? 

Or, maybe she escaped the Evil Queen from Christmas Bulb Land?  The Evil Queen made her life miserable, she made her shine all the time.  She was forced to sit at the back of the Christmas Tree and chose to run away to find a better life?  Somewhere along the way, she lost her Prince Charming, a lovely blue bulb with intermittent blinking. 

Or was this just some really goofy doofus Christmas Bulb that thought he was supposed to be lying in a yard, rather than lighting up someone's tree, house or shrub?  I'm even thinking he speaks with a French accent?  He's been known to wear a beret at times.

When I made it inside, after these twenty five seconds of fantasizing, I couldn't wait to show Steven my new friend.  So, showed it to Sir and he promptly told me that, "oh, he found it when raking the side of the house yesterday, and threw it in the direction of the garbage can, but it obviously didn't get that far..."

Really?  That's just so disappointing.  And, really, not very blog worthy. 

I like my ideas better.

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sherri s. said...

You are soooo dang funny! I love the little faces. We call anyone wearing a beret Monsieur B.E. Ray (get it?). And then we laugh.