Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thanks for the help?

I'm pretty OCD about getting directions before hitting the road.  For the last few years, MapQuest has been one of my best friends.  Even when folks use their phones or their GPS devices, I would always trust the Atlas, or directions I found through Mapquest. 

I think I might be a bit stubborn when it comes to this--

A bit old school stubborn.

On our trip this past weekend, I just didn't get directions.  We've been to Savannah before,so I obviously knew the general direction.  But, I didn't know how to get to our hotel, or the quickest route to take. 

Our car is equipped with a GPS system, so I thought I'd wing it a little and we'd use it for locating the hotel. 


---especially when your husband is English? We tried for a long time to just get anywhere near Savannah.   She wouldn't bite.  Steven tried.  I tried. We both tried.

Our GPS refused to give us any directions to Savannah.  We tried every possible combination of words and voices, streets, etc.  Let me just show you where that little trickster was trying to send us:

In case you are unsure, that is Reno, Nevada. 
42 Hours.
2500 miles

Even on my worst day, I know Savannah is only 100 miles from us.  Due South.

I think I'm gonna stick with my MapQuest just a bit longer...


mel said...

Oh that must have been hilarious!

angie128 said...

That's a riot.
But, I notice that the little blue line goes RIGHT THROUGH MEMPHIS!
So, there's that.
If you had taken that route.

Grandma K said...

I cannot use mine either. That is the reason I keep the "smart phone." We have a book published in these parts (Key Map) that covers the metropolitan area. That is my favorite, but it is very bulky.

Then comes the on-line mapping devices!

sherri s. said...

Oh no! It's like that episode of "The Office" where Michael and Dwight follow the GPS directions right into a lake.

I LOVE my GPS--her name is Gemma (she speaks with a British accent). She is sometimes wrong, though. What I don't like about her is that she becomes hysterical: "Make a U Turn! When possible, make a U turn!! MAKE A *&^% U TURN!!!!!!