Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Xammie Xamboni

(pronounced Zammie Zamboni)

Taylor has a dog at her dad's house.  This sweet pup is named Xammie.  Years ago, they adopted a dog named, "Max," but he succumbed to distemper after a very short time . Poor Max.  Poor Taylor. 

Shortly after, they adopted a dog and aptly named her Xammie.  (that is Max backwards.)  (Sorta)

Taylor has been living away from home for awhile now, but Xammie remains at her dad's house.  And when Dad travels, guess who takes care of the dog?

Well, that would be Steven and I.  If we go away for an evening, Rockett has a sleepover at Xammie's house, and if Taylor's dad (now to be called TD) goes away, we take care of Xammie.  Of course, Xammie can't spend the night at our house, because the three cats drive her a little bonkers. 

So, while TD is gone, that means Steven goes there in the morning and afternoon, and I go over in the evening.  The two of us split up the days and try to keep Xammie fed and happy.    This means I go into my old house with my new husband to take care of a dog.

That makes me giggle a bit.

So, TD left today for a trip to China.  We'll be seeing a lot of the X in the next twelve days.  And, by X, I mean, "Xammie," not the EX. 


Mary said...

Funniest post I've read in a while! :)

angie128 said...

You are funny.
Cute Xammie.
Cute JuJu.

sherri s. said...

What a sweet grey-faced doggie! Adorable. So impressive that you all can get along and swap animals and houses...proof of (all y'all's) fine character!

mel said...

Ok, so, I followed it....but how does one pronounce Xammie??