Sunday, January 8, 2012


About five weeks ago, Steven bought me a little treat and brought it to me at the office.  Actually, he bought me two treats that day, but I'm only discussing one in this post.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Corey:

For years, I've been talking about getting a fish for my office. I like the idea of having a little friend there to keep me company.  But, like most things in my life, I'm all talk and no action. 

 Steven stopped by Petsmart for dog and cat food one day, and he stumbled across the fishies.  He tells me the story of the nice fish salesman who helped him with his purchase.  Apparently, fish deliveries are made on Thursdays, so he didn't have to select one of the fish left in the inventory.  But, Steven, being Steven, (and one of the reasons I love him so) was perfectly happy with the "runt of the litter."  So, Corey was selected, his bowl, food and water treatment purchased, and he was transported to Rivers Avenue.   (by the way, he was named Corey after the nice salesman)

So, now Corey spends his days listening to me sigh, growl and moan.  He seems to really enjoy show tunes, so I let him listen to the Broadway channel.  He has been welcomed with open arms by my co-workers, and our cleaning crew feeds him for me on the weekends.  He came home with me for Christmas vacation, and spent good quality time staring at our cats.  He has lived past his two week guarantee time.  Are we on borrowed time?

It's amazing what another living "thing"  can do for your mood.  My little friend is with me throughout my day, and I feel like he's on my side.  I wish I'd done this long ago, but am so happy to be coexisting with Corey now.  As Ethel Merman would say,

"With you for me and me for you
We'll muddle through whatever we do
Together, wherever we go!"

***fish and photo by Steven


KB said...

Corey is lovely. Believe it or not, I once had a fish named Corey . . . after the salesman.

angie128 said...

Oh he's cute. And the fact that he likes Broadway show tunes is an added bonus.

I'm glad your cats didn't eat him over the holiday break.

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...

Grandma K said...

He is beautiful!

They are hearty little devils. My granddaughter has had several - her mom finds them easy. If they lived their long lives there - that shows you just how hearty they are. Hers lived for over a year - don't remember the exact life span!

sherri s. said...

Sweet...watching fish is so soothing. Just don't eat your sushi in front of him! (kidding).

word: flooted (I could be naughty here but I'll resist!).

She flooted and tooted but the piccolo just never sounded quite right (so she switched to tuba).

mel said...

I love the color - red, your favorite!