Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bowl Me Over

I am not athletically inclined. 

Oh, I know all sports. I love all sports.   I understand all sports.  I know what to do, where to do it, what makes what happen, and all the rules.  But, I can't make my body obey my brain.  This was quite the hindrance when growing up in a family where athletics were the only thing that mattered. 


Over the years, I've dabbled with softball.  Again, I can hit the ball, but never quite far enough to get on base.  Steven's mother summed it up perfectly, I'm always one step away from being safe. Or, if I hit it just a bit further, I'd be safe every time.  I did, however, play on a team that won ZERO games in the regular season, but went on the play the Losers Bracket Tournament, and we won that tournament.  I guess you could say we were the best of the worst?

As you know, Steven and his friends play soccer/football.  (depending on where you call home)  At their post game pow-wows (translation:  beer at the bar), they started yammering about all of us going bowling.  This idea has been bantered about for months and we've finally had our initial match of the  Hampton Park Moes Triangle Steven (thanks Darragh) bowling league. 

We will bowl the first Tuesday of every month, whoever can make it.  It's a low stress -  high beer drinking kind of thing.  Two person teams; man and woman.  Highest combined score wins.  We eat loads of fried food and drink that bowling alley beer.  (My friend Larry says it's laced with opium, why else would it affect us the way it does?)  And, I must point out, bowling alley food is really good.  Seriously!

Now granted, we've only made it through session one.  But, I am proud to tell you that this non athletic dorky kinda band camp flute playing gal was on the winning team!  (We actually won two of three games)  I think bowling is the great equalizer.  This old gal managed to stay competitive with the young bucks. 

Of course, I had  shin splints and a sore neck the next day.  Hey wait, that's what happens to athletes, right?


Grandma K said...

Ah - you found your niche! Your description sounds like great fun was had by all - or at least some beer!

sherri s. said...

Woot woot, rockin' the bowling shoes. I seriously love bowling alley culture--the way it smells, the old folks bowling, the noise...ahhh....

word: rertiz

I wore a rertiz in my 'do for the party--it was the shiznit.

coultasj1 said...

Thanks for posting my ultra low score :) You should have posted game #2.

Dusti said...

Looking forward to Bowling Tuesdays every month!!!

unclebro said...