Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hey Hey

Memories of the Missouri trip, scattered with loads of photos...

Three words:  WET, RAINY and COLD.  Not the best baseball watching weather.  Guess who bought a new Mizzou blanket in May?

Tigers won 2 of 3.  Guess who missed the second win?

I ate my way across the country.  Jack in the Box Tacos, Steak 'n Shake Frisco Melt, Shakespeare's Pizza, two HUGE breakfasts, beef tenderloin cooked to perfection, a DQ dip cone, Parmesan Risotto, Salsiccia Sausage.   OINK.   Guess who needed that 24 Hour Prevacid?

I ate all that, but didn't have a hot dog at the ball games.  Go figure.  It was the one thing I missed!  Guess who is kicking herself now?

This is what a baseball coach's facial expression is for most of the baseball season:

We went to a winery in Hermann.  Our tour guide had Tourette's.  Do you know how hard it is for five very immature adults to keep from giggling in that situation?  Guess who had to not make eye contact with anyone in order to keep a straight face?

Sheryl Crow was speaking at the MU commencement, and thus was staying at our hotel.  I was lucky enough to see her live and in person, standing in our lobby.    She's teeny tiny and simply lovely.  I tried to sneak a picture of her with my phone, but wound up with two pictures of my fingers.  Guess who is NOT cool under pressure?

For some strange reason, my oldest bro thought this was the weekend to throw up some gang signs.  Guess who's the dork in the family.  (just kidding Jeff.)  (Well, not really)

In just three days, I saw both brothers, their wives, their kids, my grandmother, my besties and their kids.  Heaven! Guess who was happy about that!!

I also reunited with my friend from junior high school.  She and I hadn't seen each other in close to 35 years. Guess who was feeling pretty O L D?

1600 miles round trip, plus another 220 back and forth to Columbia from St. Louis.  Guess who doesn't want to get in a car any time soon?


SPT said...

love these! also love that dimple in your brother's chin!!!

angie128 said...

I want to come hang out with y'all.

I want to go to one of your brother's baseball games.

(No, Jordan's ex is not going on the DC trip. Different schools. Guess that's a good thing.)

sherri s. said...

Fun fun fun! I love your Grandma SO much. Road trips are the best...we're maybe going on one later in the year (if I have my way, that is).

word: mithel

I want to sith in the mithel seath tho I don't have to thee my goofy brother's fath on our road trip. (True story: my mom got so mad at us on a road trip when I was about 8 and my dearly departed brother was 13 that she made us wear pillowcases on our heads for about 50 miles; we were doing that "He's looking at me--make him stop. She's looking at ME" thing, ad infinitum. We joke now that people thought it was KKK road trip--bad taste, I know, but you can imagine what we looked like, toodling down the road in our Country Squire station wagon with white pillowcases on our heads).

mel said...

Sherri, that story is SO funny!

Juju, do I see my favorite hummus on one of the tables?

And why are you such a star magnet? You have seen more stars than anyone I know. I think it is because you are one too.


At my age, my ovults just ain't working any more....